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Galen Clark, the first guardian of Yosemite, had three sons and two daughters. His daughters survived him, but none of his sons did. His first son, Joseph, was killed in the Civil War. His third son, Solon, drowned at age nine. His second son, commonly called Alonzo, died in 1874 and was buried in Mariposa. But where, exactly? This web page will show you how to find his gravesite. Click on any picture to see it enlarged.

Highway 140 and Highway 49 run through the town of Mariposa, sharing the same road through town and splitting off at both ends. Find the end with the Chevron station. Turn so you're leaving town on Highway 49 North. If you've arrived after passing through Coulterville or passing by the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport, you'll be making a U turn.

Several hundred feet after leaving the 140/49 intersection, you'll find Joe Howard Street on your left. Turn left there.

Make an immediate right, then an immediate left. You'll be going uphill, on what looks like a private drive. The encircled structure is the chapel. If you've come by auto, park it there.

To the right of the chapel is the cemetery gate. Walk along the main path until what looks like the path's end.

After a bit, the path will ask you to turn right. Don't do so. Your destination is the marker encircled in the picture.

And there you are.

Within a few feet of Galen Alonzo Clark lies a young gentleman, born in July of 1907 and died in February of 1909. Imagine the grief of his family. I don't suppose that the grief of Galen Clark was any less.